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InStitchu Taking It Up Another Notch (Pun Intended) With 3D Body Scanner

By Raja Gulati

InStitchu, an online tailoring clothier based in Australia, has teamed up with mPort a tech company, to deploy 3D scanners to shopping centers in Australia.

What a person, who required tailored suit or shirt would do is to get into one of the private booths and get scanned. The measurement data gets sent to InStitchu profile. The person can then log on to the system…

How SuitArt Saves Tailor Made Suits From Becoming A Commodity Product With Its Diamond Armor Suit

-By Raja Gulati

Since The Advent of the Internet, many things that were deemed to be impossibly non commoditizable, became commodity products. 

What does this means? For example in my industry, which is tailor made suits, Indochino, arguably, took the first steps in commoditizing the industry by having its production base in China. They have experts take measurements in the United…

How Thailand’s Tailoring Industry Contributes to the Tourism Industry


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How Thailand’s Tailoring Industry Contributes to the Tourism Industry

By Raja Gulati

Thailand has a vibrant tailored clothing…

What to look for in choosing a Men’s Tailor?

Being in the tailoring business, and having my business established in Thailand, in which the industry seem notorious, it could seem bias to you for me to write about what to look for in choosing a men’s tailor. Nonetheless, I am doing just that.

Why would you be going to a tailor in the first place? If I were you I would do that because I want my clothes to rest comfortably on me, accentuate…