Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Bangkok a popular choice for tailor made clothing?

Bangkok is a popular metropolitan. Tourists, diplomats, expats, more often than not, love to reside in Bangkok or travel to it. The cost of living is highly competitive as compared to the West or Far East. One of Bangkok’s allures is its tailor made clothes industry. There is a comprehensive structure of supporting industries in place such as material procurements, craftsmen and cutters that provide Bangkok with a competitive edge to have reasonably high quality custom made clothing at a fraction of the price available elsewhere.

Why Buy Custom Tailored Clothing from Monte Carlo Tailors?

  1. Its custom made exclusively for you. The clothes come from the measurements that are taken off your body, which is personally a unique form. Therefore the clothes will only fit one person perfectly, and that is you.
  2. You can customize it the way you want. Would like to have tapered fit on a double breasted suit with side vents? Or how about that light blue shirt that goes ‘pocketless’ with that ‘forward pleated’ trousers with cuffs? The design limit is limited by your imagination.
  3. Bespoke tailoring at your desired price. Each custom made clothes has two main price variables. The quality of the material used and the quality (including details) of the craftsmanship put into the works. This way you can select the desired price range that you chose, knowing what you are getting, and are satisfied for what you pay for. We believed that our customers are knowledgeable, and strive to provide as much information as possible, giving our customers a unique opportunity to make an informed choice on their own.

If I am ordering online, can I get my measurements to be accurate?

Off-course. There are a number of options for you to take your measurements. One is we have provided detailed guidelines in our measurement instructions section which is step by step and easy to follow. You can ask a friend or make an appointment with a local tailor (although that may not be necessary, it’s not that difficult!) to measure you up using a tape measure. When the measurement comes in with the additional information that we have requested, a keen eye is paid on the unique silhouette of you by a person in the tailoring business for more than 30 years. If, still, we are not sure about something, be ready to hear from us. The second option is if you have visited our store, you would have an order number with you on your card. With that order number, we have kept a record of your measurements. Inform us that order number, or if you have lost it, tell us your name and when around you were at our studio, and we will look for it. Another popular option is to arrange a video skype conference call at your appointed convenient time. Our tailoring expert would take you step by step through the measurement process. Be ready to have order page printed and ready, a friend to help with the measurements and wear comfortable clothes.

Would it be more convenient, next time I re-order online?

Yes. Your measurements would be in our online database. You can make an order without having to take or write the measurements again. In the case that you wish to change a variable, say for example you have lost weight so you stomach is now 2 inches lesser, you can make that corrections online before completing the ordering process.

I have heard of this sales-kit, I am not sure what it is?

You may want to touch and feel the material, have a closer look at the colors and patterns in different lighting, wants personal advice on what would suit your complexion or height, or even want to be guided on what style to choose. You may even want to play being your own tailor, or be a tailor for your friends and/or relatives, or even open your very own side business. The Sales- Kit comes with a complete swatch set, how-to guide in measurements, measurement forms, style and fabric guide for men’s suits, explanation and pricing guide, and a measurement tape! Now you can proudly design your own custom made men’s suits. This is only available in men’s suits. It cost US $ 250. This is inclusive of shipping.

Now I am getting interested, what are the prices?

Our bespoke suits are divided into three price range, namely, the basic quality, the medium quality, and the exclusive quality. You can read about the quality differences here. A basic quality suit costs US$ 350. A medium quality suit costs US$ 490 and a bespoke suit from the exclusive quality costs US$ 600. These prices are inclusive of shipping, with the exclusive quality having premium shipping.

Tailored pants also come with 3 qualities, namely, the basic quality, the medium quality, and the exclusive quality. You can read about the quality differences here. A basic quality pants costs US$ 140. A medium quality pants costs US$ 196 and a bespoke pants from the exclusive quality costs US$ 240. These prices are inclusive of shipping, with the exclusive quality having premium shipping.

Custom shirts have two price range, namely, the standard quality, and the premium quality You can read about the quality differences here. Standard quality is price at US $ 80 inclusive of shipping. Premium quality is price at US $ 130 inclusive of premium shipping.

Sales kit costs US $ 150. In the quick order category, prices are shown at the right bottom of the images. If you want something to be clear for you or want a price quote of something you would like to design by yourself or from a picture you can contact us.

Do you charge extra for tall and/or large people?

No, we do not charge extra for our tall and or large customers. If you are in this category, you want to browse the article section for tips on designing your garment. The design of your garment plays a crucial role in getting the right proportion and measurements. If our online store could not service you, please contact us and we will get back to you.

If I order online, how and when do I pay for my garment?

Your payment is processed online at the time of making the order. We use PayPal that accepts major credit cards. If you have concerns or issues, contact us, and we will together work out how we can support your requirements.

Please tell me all the details about your shipping!

The shipping cost is included in the price of your garments. There are two shipping methods standard and premium. Standard method is the normal air courier. In some countries you may be liable to pay custom tax when the clothes reach you. In the premium method our courier agent has already taken responsibility for any customs tax due on your end. When you purchase anything from the exclusive or premium quality range you are given the premium shipping method. This is not available in every country . If you would like to know if its available for your country contact us. The other quality ranges utilize standard shipping. If you are buying something from the other quality ranges and would like to utilize the premium shipping method, please contact us and we will give you a price quote for it.

Now I am really squirmy, when do I get my bespoke garment? How long does it take for my garments to reach me? And what if I have a wedding to attend in 2 weeks?

Once you place an online order, you can expect to have your clothes delivered to you within 3 ½ weeks (25 days), regardless of the shipping methods. If by any chance you wanted your clothes to reach you earlier contact us, and we will together work out the schedule and cost.

What if the clothes do not fit me or do not fit me in the way I want?

If the clothes needed some minor alterations, you can get a price quote from your local tailor and we will send you the money. On the rare occasion that we made a mistake, we will make arrangements to have the clothing shipped back to us at our expense. On inspection of the garment and verification of all information, we will issue you a full refund or you have the option to make an order of the same price range.

Do you do bridal dresses, wedding gowns, groom suits, prom dresses, custom made clothes for specific occasions, custom made leather jackets, any type of clothes I want to have designed and custom made, or bank or hotel uniforms?

Yes, contact us, send us the picture of what you want to make or ask us for style guide, and we will help you work out the material, style, beads, and match it with a competitive price for your consideration, no strings attached (pun intended).