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Mendes Cavin, Hotel Manager, Bangkok

Monte Carlo Tailor is delivering in many ways what I was looking for.

The most important factor however, is that one can rely on their service and quality product. I am only wearing Monte Carlo.

Kervin Choy

Kervin Choy Singapore (Jarong East 13')

Monte Carlo Tailors

Dear Sir,

Re: Testimonial

I am very satisfied with the service perform on the day I went into the shop. On the afternoon, I came again to have a trial fitting, again the service I had was excellent. 

As a whole, the price was very reasonable and I would gladly recommend y friends to visit the shop as done in 24 hours.

Yours sincerely

Kervin Choy

Rene Clausen, a Rotarian


The Event:


November 27, Do Clothes really make the Man with Raja Gulati
Raja Gulati began his interactive presentation with asking our audience of how does fashion choices affect our emotional, creative and social lives? Is the contemporary man doomed to wearing boring clothes? Would swap out our monotonous wardrobe of blue jeans, brand name T-shirts and tennis socks for a collection of Hawaii shirts, polka dot bow ties or red shoes change our state of mind? Would it affect who we are and our experience of life?
It was also interesting to learn what we already know but hardly speak of due to our Man’s pride, that even if clothes make the man... they’re in many cases chosen by his woman, what is no surprise to their significant others, but it seems the idea of us, the average men being ‘style-challenged’ is more than just a stereotype as more than half rely on the women in their life to pick out the outfits for the next day, yes – and even so lacking in fashion know-how that one in four resorts to asking their girlfriend or wife to shop for clothes for them.
Style is important and shapes our self-perception, the perception of others and our senses of belonging, Raja added. However the past 30 years have offered limited choices as to how men can express themselves with fashion. When compared with women's fashions, our choice of clothing, shoes and accessories have been quite limited. Global conformity and prevalence of safe brands to wear may be part of the reason. 
Today's logos are twice the size of those thirty years ago while offering little real differentiation. Do we really need logos to tell us what to wear or will men decide to express themselves through their clothing choices as women continue to do today?
Raja stressed that even thought we all heard the phrases like “The days of wearing a suit are gone.” - “Casual Friday? its casual week around here and no one cares how you dress.” As well as “Appearances are irrelevant, only results matter,” are making the rounds more often than less. 
We should not underestimate that all these statements ignore the fact that people have and will continue to judge us by our appearance, and the harsh reality is that even we make decisions about people within the first 3 seconds of meeting them; we then spend the next 90 seconds trying to confirm our first impressions, literarily this means that before we even open our mouth we’ve been sized up and profiled. 
Raja stated; that by knowing these facts, a person should always dress neatly, professionally, and appropriately. The fact is we never know who we are going to meet; at anytime we may run into a potential client, a future employer, or for those singles out there, the love of their life, and like it or not, they are going to form their initial impression of us based on how we look, making it very clear, that even when cloths do not make the Man, they greatly improve his appearance.
Raja Gulati, 34, Managing Director at Monte Carlo Tailors is the 3rd generation Thai with Indian heritage born into the business that his father started during the Vietnam War era and today, he is the Man to ask what to wear when.
A highly fashion informative luncheon with Guest speaker Raja Gulati, confirming that even when cloths do not make the Man, they greatly improve our appearance.

A United States Reselller

Acknowledgement from a Reseller in the United States. "This is awesome Raja!  You're a great person with an authentic passion for what you do, I respect you and your work a great deal my friend."