InStitchu Taking It Up Another Notch (Pun Intended) With 3D Body Scanner

By Raja Gulati

InStitchu, an online tailoring clothier based in Australia, has teamed up with mPort a tech company, to deploy 3D scanners to shopping centers in Australia.

What a person, who required tailored suit or shirt would do is to get into one of the private booths and get scanned. The measurement data gets sent to InStitchu profile. The person can then log on to the system and input the style and design of the clothing.

What had just happened is a revolutionary concept in many fronts.

For one, as I have written in an earlier article, that with the advent of the Internet, many supposedly service oriented and custom made products are becoming more and more of a commodity. Its this kind of breakthroughs that makes this possible. With this possilble, it would not be far off or too far fetch to say that soon we could even use our own smart phone or notebook camera that is link to a software to read and configure our measurements off our body anywhere in the world.

What does this mean or how would this be applicable? So for example, I have a date in two weeks with my new girlfriend. I can go onto an app that configure me for what occasion that I am going to use my suit for. So its for the upcoming date. It then takes the picture of my front, back and side panel, configures my measurements, select styles and fits according to my skin color and occasion I am wearing it for, and then give me a few options to choose from. Once I choose, tada, the suit lands on my front door Just In Time for the date. Wouldn't that be awesome, and thats just one application of it.

So keep up the good work InStitchu, you bring another vibrant dimension to an industry that could have become a sunset industry


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