How SuitArt Saves Tailor Made Suits From Becoming A Commodity Product With Its Diamond Armor Suit

-By Raja Gulati

Since The Advent of the Internet, many things that were deemed to be impossibly non commoditizable, became commodity products. 

What does this means? For example in my industry, which is tailor made suits, Indochino, arguably, took the first steps in commoditizing the industry by having its production base in China. They have experts take measurements in the United States and other countries, and send the measurements of the customers, including the specifics of his/her style and material choosen and then the clothes are mass customizably made in China. They are then packed and shipped to the designated customers. All this done within a period of one month.

It turned the guys in Savile Row over their heads and who in turn had to play catching up, which brings the whole industry into, at the very least, semi-commoditized direction.

At Monte Carlo Tailors, here in Thailand, we try to be innovative by taking it one step further. We can now take our customers measurements via Skype VDO appointments. A small technological implementation that adds so much leverage to our line of work. What this means then is, no matter where our customers are in the world, we are able to serve them. Which brings the industry now to near full out commoditizable. You can view how we do it in this one minute You Tube Video, which has an irresistable offer to it:

But the people at is taking another route, more likely than not, a U-turn for the industry. They are bringing it back to become a unique experience, highly custom product with the creation of Diamond Armor.

The Diamond Armor suit isnt just only waterproof, it is also bulletproof by NATO standards. It also has a highly innovative cooling systems that keeps its wearer as comfortable as possible, espicially if you are a businessman doing business in the tropics. Whats more, its luxurious silk lining shows the artwork "“Unidad Molecular Aleatoria,”  a piece that was featured in the movie "This Means War".

As you can see, the industry now has added new angle to its mix, bringing a more dynamic mix to the vibrant tailoring industry.


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